Botox – Aesthetic Treatment Protein Having Multi-Applications

Aesthetic treatment has become a common therapy in contemporary time because people are more beauty conscious and they want to stay younger forever. Ageing is a natural biological phenomenon that can’t be prevented by use of any validated method. People use methods that are more clinically approved and are medically validated.

Botox-popular treatment for anti-ageing

Botox is advocated bacterium protein which has been approved by FDA for use in treatment purpose. BOTOX Atlanta GA has known the brand of Botox and is very popular treatment in the United States and some other countries. Little more concentration of Botox can cause a great harm to the body and instead of being useful and it can be fatal. Brand BOTOX is recommended because its formula contains a controlled concentration of protein. To ensure more effective use of this protein in aesthetic treatment, a new brand Dysport Atlanta GA was introduced that has low protein concentration and fewer antigens. Dysport has parallel use with BOTOX in Alpharetta and Dunwoody in Atlanta. The Botox protein use has been approved by FDA based on its proven clinical trials that prove its effectiveness for human use. But this fact can’t be denied that its very small recommended concentration is very useful and little higher concentration is very deadly.

Multi-applications of Botox

Botulinum toxin is a Clostridium botulinum bacterium-derived neurotoxin protein which is mainly used as Botox to treat reduction of facial wrinkles and fine grooves or lines. Botox is used as an effective treatment in more than 20 different medical conditions and more applications are being researched. Botulinum toxin is approved for use in certain medical conditions such as a chronic migraine, bladder overactivity, severe neck and shoulder muscle spasms, post-stroke upper limb spasticity, Hemifacial spasm, crow’s feet, spasm of eyelids, excessive sweating, crossed eyes, and glabellar lines. Botox also has some unapproved use to treat certain medical conditions. But Botox use requires much care to avoid its harmful effects.