Excellent work of Moti Ferder

Gems work

Lugano diamonds is the company which is founded and owned by Moti Ferder. The company started with the time of serving the clients in the field of gems and diamonds. They have the collection of some of the rarest and finest jewelry. It is the family owned and international jewelry company which is completely dedicated in offering the finest quality to their clients. They have the 35 years of experience and they have worldwide reputation in the field of the leading diamond manufacturer.


They offer commitment to the excellence and that is reflected in each and every area of the business. They offer the exquisite beauty and the artistic craftsmanship to the gem and each of their creation. They offer their customers with the unmatched selection. The breathtaking gem can only be found at the lugano diamonds of Moti Ferder. They have long terms expertise in the field and they also have the global reputation in the field. They are known for the finest quality and also offer their clients with the confidence in the selection. They deal in the conflict free diamonds which are sanctioned by the government. The jewelry work done is one of the greatest and precious gems offered by the company. They have their worldwide connection for producing the unique, largest and the rarest stones of the world and that also in the form of the stunning creations.

They make sure to use maximum of their expertise and skill and that can be seen in the tiniest design element of the lugano diamonds. This gives the output in the form of the exceptional masterpiece. The founder of the company is Moti Ferder and he has served in the field since years, they have the teams of skilled experts who can understand well the gems. They keep on searching for the diamonds in the world and they believe in finding the most exotic as well as the rarest gems.