Features that are offered by baby alive dolls

Is your child asking for a real toy to play? Then, you can buy a baby alive doll for them. This lets them interact with the doll like they interact with the normal baby and have ample fun. You can click here for more information. There are different models of this doll available in the market at an incredibly affordable price. You need to pick the doll that is made of high quality material and gift to your kids from http://www.twentymotion.com/best-baby-alive-dolls-reviews/. These toys would engage your kids and let them play with those dolls for a long time without disturbing you while you are at work.  There are many online toy stores, who is selling this toy. However, you need to read the reviews of different live dolls and buy the one that is loved by your kids and matches with your budget.


Undeniably, every kid would ask their moms for a real baby to play with them. Then, parents can buy this live baby doll and gift to their kids to make them happy. The best part of these dolls is that, they can drink, eat, crawl, talk, pee, and poo. In fact, there are different doll models which come with different outfits and hairbrushes. The kids can change the outfit of the dolls and style their hair as per their preferences. This actually improves their imagination and creative skills besides letting them play with those toys. You need to check the features of different toys and pick the one that is best for your little darlings.


  • Comes with various accessories including outfits, spoon, bowl, food and mold
  • Drink and eats food that is prepared by your child
  • It poops out the food like a normal baby
  • Available in different heights
  • Child can change the diaper of the doll once it gets wet
  • Comes in different creed
  • Child can feed the doll
  • It speaks different phrases in English and in other languages
  • It gives different reactions while feeding and while tickling it

The dolls with these features really make the playing experience of the kids highly entertaining and enjoyable.