Instruction for Submitting Papers at the Dove Press

An overall blind re-evaluation of the various publications which are submitted to the authorities of dove press is systematically undergone.


Evaluation of the manuscripts


The audience and the various peers who are engaged in submitting these manuscripts should primarily have an objective to fulfil. It is to cite a critical evaluation of the paper in a wider sense which is practical in nature. People who are engaged in reviewing these manuscripts are called reviewers. They are the ones to critically analyse and review the papers. They have the authority to tabulate and rank the papers in a scale of 1-9. 1 denotes skilfully written script whereas 9 equals to scripts with flaws. Hence the papers with flaws are subject to rejection by the reviewers itself before it is published by the dove press.

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Correction in grammar


A reviewer has the task of correcting the grammar, spellings and other immediate requirements like punctuation marks while evaluating the manuscripts.


The ranks which you provide according to the re evaluation, you must provide with appropriate reasons as to why and how a paper deserves a particular rank. Failure to cite reasons are often led to biasness.  Before rating a paper if you are convinced that a few corrections might subject to the acceptance of the paper, it is highly recommended that you suggest ways on improvising the paper. Also if you feel that a paper is not good enough to go through any correction and requires complete rejection before submitting it to dove press, you must do it readily.


The rules should be provided whether a particular paper is well suited for the journal. This can be in turn beneficial for the authors to go through before the submission of the paper. The rules and regulations of each journal vary from each other. The regulations are usually tabulated at the topmost left corner of its own home page.