Interesting Facts about Crossword Puzzles

It is true that a huge number of people find pleasure in solving crossword puzzles. They dedicate a few minutes of their life every day to solve the puzzles given in the newspaper which is a really good habit to keep. But, most of them do not have any knowledge about the facts regarding crossword puzzles.

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Know the Facts

Brush up your knowledge a bit so, that you can share it with others and feel great about yourself!

  • The first ever crossword quiz answers was written by Arthur Wynne who was published in New York World in December 1913.
  • Did you know that crossword puzzles were banned in Paris during the time of Second World War? Because it was thought that crossword puzzles could be used to pass secret messages to the enemy.
  • The largest crossword puzzle listed in the Guinness Book of Records is 7’x7’ in size and consists of 91,000 squares along with 28,000 clues. Well, that’s huge crossword to solve!
  • In the year 1930, the first Times Crossword puzzle was published.
  • Back in 1930’s, Alfred Mosher Butts who was an architect invented a board game which was very much similar to a crossword puzzle. The game was a very popular game of the time and was considered to be a great pastime. Well, that board game was known as Scrabble.
  • The Annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament is the oldest crossword puzzle solving competition in the world which started in the year 1978.
  • The Japanese name for crossword puzzle is ‘monogram’ which is referred to as ‘paint by numbers.’ The Japanese nonogram doesn’t involve word clues.

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