Planning to get teak garden furniture in your home? Know the types!

In current times, with customized furniture rocking the market, teak wood has surely become one of the options to choose from. As one of the most durable materials, coupled with an amazing range of styles, this variety of wood would surely cement a perfect place as your garden teak patio furniture

For the uninitiated, the quality of teak depends primarily on the countries it is sourced from and gradation provided. In case you want to choose out your type of teak, just read through the article to know the details.

teak patio furniture

Teak garden furniture: The various types of teaks

  1. Philippine teak:

Though it is scarce in supply in comparison to other teak woods that are present, this is one of the best of the lot. With a natural shine and superior quality, this is an instant favorite of the crowd.

  1. TectonaGrandis:

This is surely the most available category of teak that is found, via logging methods. Cultivated from environmentally friendly methods, this is used in most furniture sets.

  1. Banuywangi teak:

Derived from Indian forests, these are relatively hardy in comparison to other varieties. However, the rich brown shine is missing from this teak wood.

  1. Bojonegoro teak:

Having its origin in Indonesia, this is a teak with rich color and wide spaced grains that ensure its supreme quality. Make sure to ask for furniture made in this teak wood for your purchases.

  1. Dahat teak:

This can be termed as the priceless of the lot, and is nearing extinction in present times. However, this was the most used teak wood in ancient times, and hence you may find them in antique pieces.

For outdoor furniture, the A rated teak is the best and most durable one.  With the best of the lot for you, facing the nature’s wrath becomes easier!

So, next time when you are visiting a supplier for getting perfect teak garden furniture sets for yourself, do make it a point to check out the type and grade of teak that they prepare their furniture with. It will save your money as well as get you your choicest option!