What can you do to get the right EPC certificate?

The EPC certificate is required by all property owners who are looking for selling or renting a property. It may be commercial or private property they all need EPC if they are put on the market. The law states that the certificate is a prior requirement and a property should not be available for renting or selling without the certificate. It is irrespective of the fact whether the property is being dealt by the owner or the online agency.

What is the certificate for?

The certificate is about the energy efficiency of the building. The owners will have to get the certificate, as the buyer’s or tenants will be interested in the information. It shows the energy safety and will also provide insights on the environment footprint of the same. The certificate contains grades or ranking for each building.

Domestic EPC

It is required that each such building has a rating above E. Any building that has a ranking less then E will not be allowed to be rented. There are different criteria that will lead to the ranking. If the owner wants to ensure that they get a decent rating for their property there is a good way to do so. They may take the help of the agents who can share the right way to ensure the property complies with the law.

How to get the certificate?

The building owners can get the energy performance certificate with the help of the agents. These agents can get the right surveyor for accessing the building and getting the certificate.The agents’ works 7 days a week so it is convenient for the owners to register for a day they find suitable. The process of survey takes about 45 minutes in all and the certificate is also processed the same day. The owners can download it and get ahead with the process of property selling and renting.