Whizzinatorfor People Worried About a Drug Test

Every now and then a person needs to feel the urge to smoke a joint which calms them or gives relief from pain or so. It becomes a problem if there is a drug test next day at the office. This problem can easily be solved by Whizzinator. It helps a person to clear the drug test without a problem and also enjoy the pot.

The Need for Whizzinator

There are many reasons as to why a person would need a product like this but before that one should know what this product is? It is a fake penis which a person can use to get clean urine. It comes in a medical grade urine kit made of synthetic. Using Whizzinator is apparently very easy. It is tested and proved to work without any issue.


People need it when they try to clear a drug test. Many a time when drunken people have been seen to take a few puffs from a joint. A product like this will help that person to clear the drug test without creating any problems for him or harming his job.

Contents of the Kit

It contains everything an individual would need to pass a drug test. It includes a fake penis, various pads which are there to hold clean urine. These pads are heated, so it keeps the urine hot which makes clearing the test easier. It has Velcro straps, which helps in positioning the fake penis correctly. A syringe and urine bottle. The syringe helps in adding clean urine to the fake penis.

All a person needs to do after this is strap in the product and it is ready for use. The availability of various skin tones for counterfeit penis makes it easier to deceive a drug test. All this makes the Whizzinator the best option for an individual who is trying to clear a drug test without getting caught.